Hemp Oil

Everyone struggles to have their tables filled with nutritious food for healthy living. An unhealthy diet can cause ill health, including some other chronic diseases like malnutrition. However, with hemp oil as your basic nutrition ingredient, rest assured of excellent taste and indisputable nutritional value.

hemp oilThis magical oil is cheaply obtained by pressing together hemp seeds. Integrated with a nutty flavor, but dark to light green colored hemp oil is preferred. Many people confound this oil with hash oil even though they are distinctively different.

History behind Hemp oil

This magic oil dynasty dates back to 4000 BC when its record is first found. However, history records are not concrete enough to prove the claim that it was initially cultivated and found in the Chinese land. Most of the communities that used hemp in the past considered it divine: to be used only during special ceremonies to burn incense smoked to stimulate pleasure and used to heighten meditation.

In Africa, it was used during childbirth and for snake bites. Modern scientist like W.B.O'Shaughnessey claim that cannabis is useful for tetanus, epilepsy, and rheumatism.

Units and Packaging

Due to its multi-purpose traits, hemp oil products come with different units and packaging style. Ranging from HDPE plastic containers, glass bottles to smaller drug friendly bottles, hemp products are sold in various units.



This magical tree is associated with various roles.

For many years now, the versatile nature of this plant has been used for butter, medicine, paper, clothes, ropes and fuel value. Statistics reveal that before the discovery of petroleum, lamp oil was made from the luxuriant hemp seed.

Body cream

Hemp oil contains the natural moisturizing effect that gives it the best skin care oil after a shower. It can be also used for massaging to give you the perfect blood circulation

Cooking purposes

Fill your food with crispy and nutty flavor that is found nowhere else. Have you forgotten you olive oil for a salad? Do not despair, use hemp oil?


With its environmentally friendly nature and non-toxic, hemp oil is used as a biodiesel just like other oils extracted from vegetables.

Manufacture of plastics

Petroleum plastics have been known to emit harmful chemicals during decomposition. However, hemp oil produced plastics are eco-friendly during decomposition.


White blood cell inhibitor

Hemp oil is reported to cause difficulties in the blood stream and cardiac system. It inhibits the anticoagulant nature of white blood cells. This makes one vulnerable to various diseases.

Digestive disorders

Despite the numerous pros associated with hemp, including it in your food can be dangerous as well. It causes the stool to be soft enough to cause diarrhea that leads to weight loss. Those who have bowel or digestive disorders are advice to stay away from hemp oil foods.

Production of peroxides

The oil is extremely dangerous for foods that require heating above 120F. At this degree, the oil is decomposed to harmful peroxides. Do not use this oil for deep frying.


Nothing is this planet that comes with excellent results without side effects. Hemp oil is most preferred compared to other vegetable oils that are both harmful to our health and environment. Hemp oil pros exceed its cons, therefore, enjoy magic but be cautious.